Somaliland: Minister Rumoured to Have Re-defected to Khatumo


Keyse Abdi: whereabouts not clearBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A two days Uncertainty is surrounding the whereabouts of the state minister for eastern regions reconciliation.

According to unconfirmed Media reports the eastern regions reconciliation minister Kayse Abdi Yusuf is currently camped in the Sool region town of Widh Widh which is a known base of militias aligned to the fictitious Khatumo state.

The circulating rumours indicate that Minister Kayse who become dissatisfied with his bosses whom he is said to accuse of incapacitating him duty wise thus his decamping for the second time back to the Khatumoist’s secessionists based in Sool region which is also his original home area.

Mr Yusuf is reported to have pawned his personal 4X4 land cruiser vehicle at one of the capital city’s motor marts thus pay outstanding debts before his anger induced departure from Hargeisa thus the purported re-defection back to the Khatumoist’s.

Kayse Abdi Yusuf who is a former Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (Ain)-SSC militia leader was among the first top level rebel clan militiamen to recant opposition to the Hargeisa government thus being accommodation to the extent that he opened a political group SSC which was among the nine that failed to pass muster during run-up to local council elections in 2012.

After the signing of the Buhodle peace accord between Commander Hagaltosie now minister of national reconstruction, rehabilitation and resettlement and president Silanyo, the ministry of eastern regions reconciliation was established with Kayse Abdi appointed minister.

While the Buhodle peace accord continues to stand firm following the disbanding of the SSC militia which was subsequently assimilated into the various units of the national security forces peace has returned to almost 90% of the former hostile region of sool in the east of the country.

The yet to be pacified 10% of the region revolves around Taleeh and Hudun districts which are home to militias aligned with the Khatumo state proclaimed early 2012 during a Dulbahante clan meeting though the national arm thus the almost cessation of armed skirmishes between the national army is said to be regaining control at a gradual pace.

The defection of Kayse Abdi if true might give the Khatumo militias a spark of life that is under threat from on-going national army offensive and withdrawal of support by the Puntland president Abdirahman Farole who has bar a few months back been their chief paymaster.