Somaliland: Bye-Bye Mahiga and Your Ambassadorial Crocodile Tears


Amb Augustine MahigaEditorial

Somalilandsun- Somalilanders are basking in joy in the anticipation of the exit of Ambassador Augustine Mahiga the UN special representative for Somalia who is reported to be on the way out.

The joy of seeing Amb Mahiga gone is as a result of his two faced nature and attitude towards engagement with Somaliland.

While visiting Hargeisa he usually darns the title of UN Special representative for Somalia/Somaliland and never blinks as he decries the international community for failure to recognize the sovereignty of Somaliland after all achieved in various fronts especially Security, Democracy, peace building, reconstruction and peaceful co-existence.

For this which is widely reported following his candid engagement with the local press results with “Mahiga Mahiga WAA great BOGOR” (Mahiga is a King) song and dance from citizens who never tire singing and dancing until they here a Mahiga media report from Nairobi or new York telling the world that the Unity of Somalia is a must and he is wok tirelessly to that effect.

Amb Mahiga while you are an August diplomat Somaliland is better off without you thus this week’s Kudos go to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who fired you after realizing your double face attitude

The other Kudos go to President Silanyo and his predecessor Ex-president Dahir Rayale and the citizens of Somaliland for persevering the double dealing backstabbing diplomacy of bite and soothe from the August Ambassador

Bye-bye Mahiga and your ambassadorial crocodile tears