Somaliland: Minister of Internal Security Terms Opposition Conference as Treason


Interior minister Ali Waranade 2

By Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The minister of internal security Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran’ade has warned the opposition against committing treason should they hold their announced national consultation forum.

In a press conference in his office in Hargeisa the minister said that Somaliland’s enemy number one which is the government of Somalia and their president want to create a political uncertainty in the country by manipulating some of our citizens who are on their payroll. Mr. Waran’ade added that they have intelligence information about plot by Mogadishu to fund Somaliland opposition and nationals so as to wreck havoc on the security situation in the country.

He went on say that the intelligence reports reveals Somalia government plan to pump millions of dollars Somaliland nationals to recreate Somalia insecurity.

The Minister said they president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud wants to divide Somaliland people so that they fight amongst themselves. The internal security minister was thankful to God who prevents the ill will of those who plot in the dark and was also thankful to the vigilance of our people who are always alert.

Forum chiefs fronting the national conventipn

Mr. Ali Mohammed Waran’ade said that the government does not suppress the freedom of expression as the opposition claim. He told those who want to hold national conference if they want to create a political uprising that may dent the peace the country has enjoyed since her independence. The minister said that the government will not sit down idol while some politicians and prominent personalities like the so called national consultation and rectification forum elders who claim that they want to rescue the country from upheavals.

He said that members of the public do not want political fights because the country has many enemies who feel bad when they see Somaliland citizens sleeping in peace.