Somaliland: Major Water supply services inaugurated in Hargeisa



HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A new phase of water supply that has just been completed will avail the commodity to up to fifty thousand Hargeisa residents. Inhabitants of Sheikh Omar, Ayaha I, II and III estates would now get clean water following the Hargeisa Water Agency (HWA) to complete the project far much ahead of schedule.

The project was a major phase in the stages of water supply to the city that cost up to 0.6 million US dollars.

The local Coca-Cola Company, Somaliland Beverages industries (SBI) injected 122,000 USD to the project which was largely sponsored by the TS agency and the government which implemented it.

The VP H.E Abdirahman Abdullahi Ismail Seyl’i who six months ago initially laid the foundation stone for

This project was on Tuesday the 20th November 2013 happily inaugurating the services at the site.

”It is thanks to God that we were here about seven months ago launching this project and we are here today inaugurating it ”.

He commended the efforts done by the HWA and its technicians led by their manager Mr. Ibrahim Siyaad yonis.

He equally thanked the Coca Cola group, UNICEF and TS for their support.

The SBi boss revealed that the Coca Cola group has earmarked 30 million dollars to alleviate water shortages in Africa for the next 6 years hence targeting at least 2 million beneficiaries of clear water.

Mr. Mustafa Osman Geele similarly said the just inaugurated service was to reach an estimated 50000 thousand residents. He said that it was scheduled to be completed by 2013. Hargeisa has a perpetual water shortage.