Somaliland: Military Surveillance Aircrafts spotted over Las Anod


Reports from Security sources, as well as local people, confirm that military aircraft were spotted flying simultaneously over the skies of Las Anod on Thursday afternoon.

The report obtained by Somalilandpost says that sounds of unmanned Aircraft Vehicles were heard in and around Las Anod City. Its believed that these are Military surveillance Drones.

Unconfirmed reports say that these military drones belong to the United States Air Force based in Djibouti military base, and were monitoring activities in the city after Somaliland confirmed that members of the international terrorist groups are fighting alongside the foreign forces in Las Anod, who are fighting with Somaliland Armed forces.

Somaliland and the United States have close collaboration in the fight against terrorism.

Earlier this week, The Central command of Somaliland armed forces confirmed that members of terrorists were among the prisoners of war captured by the Army.

“The National Army of the Republic of Somaliland, which is defending itself against attacks from terrorist groups, has captured prisoners of war who are among terrorists, the PSF of the Puntland Regional Government, and local militia people who have gone astray,” Says statement from the Central Command of SAF.