Somaliland: Men Have Feelings Too


Is this the image of the nightmare that Somali channel is warning us about


Somalilandsun – I recently came across a video that discussed the downfalls of marrying ajnabis (foreigners).The video, not surprising, rubbed a lot of people on twitter the wrong way as many felt it incited hatred towards those in the community who chose to marry outsiders.

The video itself is under produced and the girl, Hamdi, seemed to have just wrote whatever came to her mind and never really prepared for the segment. The fact that Somali channel, a well respected channel, felt that the video conveyed a message worth sharing still baffles me. From the beginning, Hamdi tells us that she is speaking of her experience of a failed marriage she experienced 3 years prior. She goes on to tell us that all the somali boys who lived in her area were either on welfare, draining their parents banks or living of illegal activities. That this was the reason that led her to marrying an ajanabi. Frustratingly, she warns Somali girls to “stop talking like a bad girls” because that’s not attractive! So in the end we got blamed for the whole issue. Typically ending or what?\

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