Somaliland: Medicinal Value Attracts People to Camel Meat


Camels drinking water at Siin Arro  Sanaag region  Somaliland

By: Mo Ali/Medeshi
Somalilandsun – Somalis in general love camel meet both for its delicacy and medicinal values . In Hargeisa , the capital of Somaliland, there are at least half a dozen camel meat restaurants . Yet camel meat is consumed before 12 noon at all of these restaurants .
Camel meat is a delicacy and although a dish of the meat costs between $5 and $10 , these restaurants are always busy.
Somalis believe that camel meat has medicinal values in addition to its highly nutritious protein. They believe that camel meet is a medicine for diabetes , boosts the immune system , improves fertility and is source of lean and muscular body. Camel milk is also valued the same as camel meat.
Another believe among the camel meat eaters is that camel fat including the hump does not contain cholesterol. All camel dishes therefore, include a slice or two of camel hump , a purely white compressed fat (Kurus).

The Editor of Somalilandsun gets ready for Camel milk in Hengowd village in Erigavo Sanaag Region of Somaliland/file
The assumption is that camels eat plants of different types unlike cattle or sheep that mainly eat grass. Because of its long neck , camels tend to reach out to leaves from Acacia plants and others that may contain medicinal elements. Goats are the same too.
Boodaale is a restaurant very close to the Central Bank in Hargeisa. When customers enter the restaurant, one could watch people eating camel meat on wooden tables , slicing camel hump ( Kurus) and washing it down their throats with camel soup.
Camels are considered as the pride of the Somalis and are also valued for other benefits such as means of transport and measurement of one’s wealth in the old days.
In London , camel meat is sold in restaurants at Hayes , West London. It is imported from Australia by Somali businesses.