Mother-in-law Killing Incest Somali Man to Spend Life in Prison


M.Yusuf jailed for life

Somalilandsun – By Lorraine King – Kilburn Times – A man who murdered his disabled mother-in-law in a violent sex attack at their home in Neasden has been jailed for life today.

Porn addict Mohammed Yassin Yusuf, 32, of Cairnfield Avenue, assaulted Amoe Seline Stevens, 64, with such force that she bled to death on October 18 last year.

The Old Bailey heard Yusuf wife had left him at home with Mrs Stevens pensioner who had had a stroke in the past that had left her mobility and speech severely impaired.

Within minutes he locked himself in his mother-in-law’s bedroom and started to assault her.

He ended his depraved act when Mrs Stevens’ carer arrived but she became suspicious when he rushed from the bedroom to his kitchen with blood spots on his hands and shirt.
After she found Mrs Stevens in a recliner chair with blood smeared across her legs and a pool of blood on the floor she saw Yusuf trying to clean the blood from his hands and clothes.

Mrs Stevens was rushed to hospital but died from her injuries within hours.

A post-mortem examination revealed that she had haemorrhaged after suffering multiple internal injuries.

Yusuf had denied murder but was convicted on Tuesday and sentenced to life with a minimum of 25 years today.

DCI Noel McHugh, investigating officer, said: “This was a truly horrendous crime committed against a vulnerable and defenceless woman and today’s sentence reflect that.

“Mrs Stevens suffered ill health and Yusuf should have offered her care and protection. Instead he chose to use her vulnerabilities to his own sexual benefit and violated her in the most despicable way possible.

“We believe Yusuf had assaulted Mrs Stevens on multiple occasions but due to her disabilities she was never able to communicate with her family and expose his sickening actions.”

Amoe Seline suffered a stroke after being raped by Yusuf her son in law

Saying that he believed Yusuf may have carried out sex attacks in the past, he added: “We would urge anyone who came into contact with Yusuf and had concerns about his behaviour to come forward and contact our Incident Room on 020 8785 8099.”

The family of Mrs Stevens said in a written statement: “My family will never recover from the way in which our beloved Mother was taken from us. There have been times when I have really struggled with some of the defence assertions. This really troubled me and I did not sleep all of last weekend. At points my blood boiled and I nearly lost confidence in the entire judicial system, but I now have a better understanding of the court.

“The purpose of this letter is to ask that the murder squad officers are recognised by the court for the truly exceptional work that they have done. We hear a lot of bad press about the police, but I cannot find words to describe how thorough, professional and sensitive they have been. They have done such an amazing job. It’s sad that through tragedy you meet such amazing people as yourself.”