Somaliland: Media Should Toe the Just Lane, and Borrow a Leaf from the Judiciary


editorial2Somalilandsun – This week has brought happiness to the media fraternity whereby the chief justice has thrown his weight in support for righteousness and the rule of law.

An apt gesture of beckoning expected professionalism.

It is of course quite refreshing and morale boosting to note that straps of constitutional rights has been (or will be) instilled when it comes to rules on media violation.

As we laud the chief justice in his efforts to reform or instill discipline in the department, this should be an ample and opportune time for the media fraternity to reflect upon themselves as far as their conducts are concerned.

We know quite well how, or better still, to what extent most of our media outlets are under-par hence at the same time walk un-humbly, brazenly, unashamedly, mischievously, flagrantly and blatantly along the grossly misdemeanor lane. It is really not a new-found respite but indeed the real thing -rule of law- at play.

As such, the media fraternity should take cue and operate as per etiquette and according to the required ethical rules of law.

They MUST deviate from their usual lope one-sided stories which does not seek corroboration, authenticity, verifications etc and meant to cause ‘ripples’.

They should discern news items from op-ed and associated opinions. They should avoid inter-lacing of the two in tailored ill-innuendoes and be true to the profession.

They should stick to the stipulations required thereof and not waddle in muddy ponds.

If they become true to their etiquettes, then malicious, libelous, inflammatory, vicious, conflicting or all sort of negative aspects of writings that could provoke disaster would be a thing of the past.

In other words we not only expect, but indeed want, our media to be of intellectual materials whereby truthful and quality information surpass all and/or uncanny satirical and clever ironies may supplant abusive and savage backwardness thence none may therefore waddle around wobbly due to partisan blindness.

They should not quote or highlight provocative or virulent and tribally inclined sources for the sake of raking in profits at the peril (of) or detriment (to) the peaceful stability or the general national cohesion.

Our press should from now henceforth turn a new page for a new lease of life and help Somaliland progress and achieve her aspirations.

Please, dear readers, it should be noted that when good faith is in place, undermining the same will always invite, in reciprocation, concrete banishment!

The media fraternity should emulate the CJ on stipulating and adhering to regulations, toe on the judiciary lane, borrow a leaf from it and stand up to be counted instead of being caught wrong footed and crying out loudly after discrediting their own selves.

So, as we once more say kudos to the CJ, we say to the media, Take Care!

An original editorial of The Horn tribune an English weekly newspaper published in Hargeisa Somaliland by the state owned Dawan Media Group-DMG