Somaliland: Has the Education Ministry Re-introduced Primary School Fees Payments?


Deputy Minister blatantly declines to answer or comment
if free primary school policy is Scrapped most children from poor families in somaliland shall miss out on education

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – vFive years down the lane since Head of state made primary schools free as per KULMIYE policy and in line with the campaigns pledges, the schools have re-winded the clock back, all of a sudden.
In an exclusive lead story by our sister Dawan published in its yesterday’s issue (33407 of Saturday Oct 3rd 2015), not only has the anulled 15000 amount been re-sanctioned (albeit semi-officially) but the highest echelons of the ministry have belatedly refused flatly to give the official perspective.
The report says that the Dawan reporters were sent to investigate into this issue and affirmed that it was indeed true that head masters directed the pupils to bring with them the 15,000 SL Shs amount.
The said cash has not been backed by the deserved descriptive criteria it is supposed to cater for.
“May the government tell us straight if they have re-introduced school fees payments or may we, at least, be furnished by the reasons the 15 thousands shillings is meant for,” the reports quote a father of four pupils learning in the city’s primary schools, a Mr. Ahmed Ismael Handulle.
This is a complete U-turn from the President’s directives of free primary school education. Pupils who fail to pay are suspended from school.
The reports says that when contacted, the deputy minister for Education Hon. Abdirashid Ismael Kahin flatly refused to comment on the issue. “I cannot comment on that issue,” he says. When probed further to explain why he could not comment on the plight of the pupils, the report quotes him blatantly, “Ain’t you from Dawan the government publication? Write what you (want) write!” He then disconnects the phone cutting off the connection!
The minister Hon. Geedoole couldn’t be reached.
However the report says that its tentative investigation revealed that the salaries for the teachers was not enough and what parents paid was supplementary re numeration.