Somaliland: Massive Security Operation Nets 53 Suspects in Hargeisa


By: By Mohamoud Hasan QodahBrigadier Gen Fadal Iman

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland police forces launched a massive security operation last night where they have detained 53 persons including recidivists and youngsters accused of gang formation activities.

Brigadier General Abdilahi Iman Fadal declared the arrest of those 53 suspects and said, “Somaliland police forces, by doing their day to day activities, have been patrolling in the streets and villages of all Hargeisa districts. They have succeeded to detain 53 suspects including recidivists who practice making offences repeatedly, where others were youngsters who are organizing themselves as gangsters and fight and kill each other in the streets of Hargeisa. Formation of gangs in the capital city of Hargeisa is a threat to the security of nation.”

Gen Fadal added that it’s the responsibility of the police forces to strengthen the peace and stability of the country to prevent potentiality of the threats of gangs and the recidivists which have been increasing in the country for the last 2 years.

“Investigation is underway. Such security operation by the police will be conducted throughout Somaliland cities in order to prevent any possible threats which can result insecurity or violence.” Said Mr. Fadal speaking to the media after the massive security operation conducted by police forces,

“Police in their recent security operations have put 270 persons in to prison. Many of them charged cases linked to inciting violence, whereas many others had met tougher punishment and fine penalties. We will keep doing such security operation to continue using iron fist against any perpetuator”

Formation of gangs by youngsters in the capital and brutal killing incidents have been increasing in the country recently, and it was days ago when gangsters have killed graduate student inhumanely in Sheedaha village.

Minister of Interior Ali Mohamed Waran’ade has also recently warned rapists that the death sentence will be carried on them; after an increase in the number of rape cases in the country.