ONLF and Ethiopia Reconciliation Talks Gain Spanish Socialists Support


Somalilandsun – Spain’s Socialist political Party-SORTU has issued a press-release welcoming the reopening of peace and reconciliation talks between the Ogaden National Liberation Front-ONLF and its nemesis of the Ethiopian government,

SORTU which advocates the self-determination of Basque Region in Spain was founded in February 2011, and it is the first political party belonging to the Basque nationalists.

The group welcomes the re-opening peace negotiation between Ethiopian and the secessionist group ONLF fighting for the independence of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia.

The press release below.

SORTU welcomes re-opening of talks among the Ethiopian government and the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)

SORTU welcomes the news about re-opening of talks among the Ethiopian government and the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), confirmed by Abdirahman Mahdi, founder and spokesman of ONLF.

The talks could bring an end to a decades-long conflict that has left a large region desperately in need of development, devastated and marginalized.

After the World War II withdrawal of Italian forces, Ethiopia took possession of Ogaden, a 4.5 million population land whose Ogaadeni clan ties extend to major parts of Somalia and Kenya.

A constitutional stumbling block Last year’s talks ended when the ONLF refused to accept the Ethiopia constitution as a pre-condition to talks. Even the constitutionَn recognizes the right to Self Determination government opposes to any mechanism for its implementation and forces ONLF to swore.

The single goal of the ONLF is to permit the Ethiopians of the Ogaden to determine their future.

In addition to several divisions of Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) now stationed in the Ogaden, the government recruited thousands of local Somalis to form a Special Police Force stepping up military pressure on the ONLF. Government sides have been charged with abusing the civilian population by a 2010 Human Rights Watch report. Prisoners also are a concerning fact.

SORTU well come this window opportunity and call ONLF and Ethiopian Gov .to grasp it looking for a just and lasting peace based on the democratic will of the Ogaden people.

The Basque Country September 25th 2013

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