Somaliland; Making Nazi -Type and Dry Farce to an empty Theatre


Fozia during a political campaign in Gabile/fileBy: Yusuf Dirir Ali

Somalilandsun-In response to Mr. Yabarag’s article  I don’t think he really believes that Fosia Yusuf Haji Adan, the deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Somalia will be fired and will be replaced with one of his own. If that is the case, then he needs to stopover the drawing board laid down by the new President for the future Somalia politics. Contrary to his childish allegations in his piece, the new President of Somalia is well acquainted with Fosia and her political stances both in Somaliland and Somalia.

Despite the deputy Prime Minister’s allegiance to the Republic of Somaliland and its right to sovereignty, Ms. Fosia is in Mogadishu to wholeheartedly help the people of Somalia.

To her credit Ms. Fosia played a major role in the democratization and development of the Republic of Somaliland and her personal competence and experience is a priceless asset to the new Somalia government. Bringing people who are efficient, honest and fair – a NEW Blood (Damul Jadiid) from all over the world is what Somalia needs at this time in its history and Ms. Fosia is one of the few people in this administration the new president needs to stick with if he really wants to succeed.

Somalia is in crossroads and more than any time in its gloomy contemporary history, it needs people with spine like President Hassan and Ms. Fosia who understand the challenges ahead and the radical changes and the up-to-the-minute governance Somalia needs, so that it can peacefully and democratically move forward. Both the Somalia President and deputy prime Minister did not hide their aspiration for justice, peace and collaboration among all Somalis from Djibouti to the Somali region of Kenya.

Mr. Yabarag forlornly forgot to file his protestation so quickly against Mr. Mahiga, the international forces and the Somali stooges, which were running the show before the New Blood was transfused to Somalia politics. He pathologically believes any one serving his wicked interests is welcome to mess-up with the Somalia governance, but Somalilanders who are there to help their fellow Somalis are real bad people and must be politically alienated if not physically annihilated.

I know where you coming from Mr. Yabarag, you do not only have to overcome the suffering of identity crisis, but you also need to overcome the chronic and a notorious nostalgia for the old dictatorship era in the former Somali Republic. Your disappoint is substantial, because the new Somalia President is more concerned in moving forward than looking backwards and is not engrossed following the sterile and tyrannical way of running things in that anarchic country. Your ideas are not new to all Somalis, these are the corrupt policies that destroyed the former Somali Republic in the first place and created the chaos this new President is trying to clear out.

The President of Somalia is a pragmatist, who understands that there is nothing that he can do to bring Somaliland back to the Union, instead he is extending a hand of friendship to his brethren and asking for their help, because unlike his predecessors he is smart enough to understands very well that Somaliland politicians( regardless of their political belongings) have a lot to contribute in improving the situation in Somalia.

Finally Mr. Yabarag, you have all the rights to make noises and go up against this new Somalia President and government, but what you can not do is to repeat the same redundant old Siad Barre dictatorial slogans – just like an old scratch gramophone disc and expect the Somali people to have the benefit of enjoying the glorification of the dark Siad Barre era. Those slogans are outmoded, were discarded by the International Community and long-forgotten by all Somalis regardless of which country they give loyalty to.

Please Mr. Yabarag, listen to this and let no figment of your imagination deceive you; there is no power on earth that can bring Somaliland back to the botched union with Somalia. The Somaliland-Somalia union was created and put in place by the people of Somaliland, subsequently, Somalilanders overwhelming made historic decision to retreat from that union. No amount of crocodile tears, mortifying name-calling obscenities or violent threats from you and your like-minded friends will bring the dead dictator or the dead Somaliland-Somalia union back from their graves. I hope you will learn and understand what democracy, self determination and peaceful co-existence signify and stop making the Nazi-style abhorring dry farce through the media, to make it simple for you, you have no audience to entertain and your theater seat are empty.