Somaliland: Major Reshuffle Sweep in the Judiciary


President Silanyo at a recent meeting with members of the Somaliland Judiciary Commi

By M. A. Egge

Somalilandsun – The Ministry of Judiciary has made sweeping wide-ranging personnel changes that have touched at least 105 judicial officials. This major reshuffle comes shortly after the national Justice Committee met the President H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud. They paid a courtesy call to the Head of State barely a week ago.

The changes which range from high echelon promotions, demotions, sackings and new appointments also saw several transfers.

These touched on resident presiding magistrates or judges losing their seats or being wholly transferred. Also affected were senior state councils in the attorney-prosecutor General’s office.

The directives given by the ministry are as per the recommendations of the top-most Justcie Committee who are charged with such discretions.

The changes made are as follows:-

As per recommendation of the Chief Justice, the Ministry of Justice has affected the following changes of the following court and registry clerks.

1. Hassan Ahmed Abdi, has been transferred from the prison department to become the new supreme court registry clark in change of civil suits(cases).

2. Idman Ahmed Abdillahi, leaves the prison department to head the civil cases registry at the Marodijeh appeals court

3. Faisa Ahmed Mohammed, has been transferred from Hargeisa regional court to becomes the registry Clark in charge of administrative cases

4. Ahmed Yasin Rashid, has been transferred from Hargeisa regional court to become a clerk at the Supreme Court.

5. Abdirahman Hassan Mataan, leaves Hargeisa district court to become a Supreme Court clerk.

6. Ahmed Mohammed Yasin, also leaves Hargeisa District Court to become Supreme Court Clerk

7. Khadra Hassan Noor, has been promoted from a Hargeisa District Court Clerk to become the Senior Hargeisa District Court Clerk.

8. Warda Mohammed Elmi, has also been promoted to become the senior Hargeisa regional court clerk. She was previously at Hargeisa regional court.

9. Ali Osman Iidan, leaves Hargeisa district become a senior court clerk at Borama District Court.

10. Abshir Rabbiile Subagle, has been transferred from Hargeisa to Seylac.

11. Aden Mohamemd Yusuf, leave Togdeer regional court from Sanaag in the same clerical capacity

12. Abdifatah Mohammed Hussein Said, has been transferred from Burao to Ainabo

13. Fatuma Noor Hassan is the new Burao Regional (Cases) registry clerk in charge. She was previously with the prisons department.

14. Nimo Abdirahman Mohammed, leaves the prisons department to be in charge of the Burao district court registry.

15. Deqa Osman Abdi, has been promoted to be in charge of the Awdal appeal court clerks.

16. Ayanle Osman Samrie, leaves the Supreme Court to Gebiley regional court.

17. Mahdi Furre Sultan, has been transferred from Awdal appeals court to become the court clerk in charge of Baki district court.

18. Abdiqadir Mohammed Hussein, leaves the supreme court to Marodijeh appeals court, Hargeisa

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