Somaliland: Major Cabinet Reshuffle Anticipated


The Silanyo-Hagaltosie handshake of peaceBy: Yumoha Pasha

HARGEISA (Horn) – A senior cabinet minister is expected to lose his post in an anticipated major cabinet reshuffle.

According to unconfirmed reports from a Hornnewspaper source, the reshuffle is occasioned by president Silanyo’s plan to fulfill his promise to award Sool region with a ministerial post following recent peace accords entered upon in Dubai.

The Buhodle peace accord which was jointly signed by the president and SSC militia commander Suleiman Hagaltosie in Dubai is set to facilitate peaceful reconciliation between Sool residents and central government in Hargeisa.

While the accord has not stipulated the awarding of an extra ministerial position our sources indicate that such an agreement was made thus the imminent reshuffle in which a senior minister from the majority clan will relinquish his seat thus facilitate the appointment of former militia commander turned peacemaker Mr. Suleiman Hagaltosie as minister.

The appointment of Hagaltosie which still rumours will see the number of ministers in the Silanyo cabinet from Sool region increase to three. Though the Hagaltosie appointment will cost the majority clans a seat in the cabinet, Somalilanders of all political persuasions are very supportive.

Discussions in the usual common man’s parliament in Mafrash, teashops, Buses etc. reveal that the president has the full support of all citizens as the move is seen as one that will finally open a window of opportunity to finally concluded political grievances of the Sool region residents.

Other ministers in the Silanyo cabinet from Sool region include Hon Ahmed Habsade the minister of Public works and housing as well as Hon Abdirazak Khalif the minister of Commerce, industry and Tourism.

Hon Habsade who is the senior most public figure from the region is also a powerful functionary within the Silanyo administration, not to mention that he remains an UDUB party member in a Kulmiye party government.