Somaliland: Ministry of Health Appeals for a kidney Dialysis Machine


The appeal is for a similar machineBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The only Kidney dialysis machine at Hargeisa group hospital-HGH has malfunctioned.

This was revealed by the minister of health Dr Hussein Hoog and the HGH during a press briefing at the ministry’s headquarters in Hargeisa.

Dr Hoog who informed that the hospital is currently unable to cater for the needs of patients with kidney failure appealed for funds from all able Somalilanders towards the purchase of a new machine.

“We can no longer cater for the needs of Somalilanders with kidney failure”

The health minister revealed that the current machine that is manned by an expatriate specialist and made available by the government can no longer operate successfully thus the need for a new one.

He informed that while the government is paying for the specialist who also doubles as trainer of local youthful doctors with an ultimate aim of relinquish duties to them, the central coffers are unable to avail a new one.

According to Hussein Abdi Osman who is a relative of kidney patient, the need for the dialysis machine is urgent thus save many lives.

Mr. Osman informed that his family is now at a dilemma on what to do for their suffering kin whom they brought from a Nairobi based hospital after it was discovered services offered there were available at the Hargeisa group hospital.

Said he, “I appeal to all Somalilanders especially during this holy month of Ramadan, to respond positively to the ministry’s appeal for help”

Somalilandsun informs all Sympathetic Somalilanders that they can respond to the appeal with donations of any amount even as little as $0.5 deposited at Account 29645 Dahabshil or electronically through Zaad 4410544