Somaliland: Madar Sisters Establish a Kids Wonderland in Hargeisa


Madar's Wonderland the perfect Home away from Home for kids in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – In the recent past it has become possible my children to have an entertainment filled place where they can integrate socially with their age mates as they play , enjoy and compete in different games novel to the country.

This is per Ms. Ifrah a mother of five in reference to the Madar Wonderland, a child entertainment centre and playground established in the New Hargeisa estate by two Norwegian sisters originally from Somaliland.

“Our Facility is not only the first to introduce amenities related to the provision of luxury and fun activities for kids of all ages below 18 years in an enclosed area and without parent supervision, but have also availed parents and above age a turf covered sports field for their leisure as well”

Kids of all ages having fun at Madars Wonderland in hargeisa SomalilandMs. Amina with whom a Somalilandsun crew caught up with bustling with energy as she supervised her staff based at the Wonderland reception area, children’s play area, parents waiting centre, cafeteria and outdoor sports ground said that despite initial misgivings and hefty investment the glee of fun filled children is satisfaction enough.

Explaining that the idea of Madar Wonderland took root upon a couple of visits home from their Base in Norway after the Madar sisters of Fatuma and Amina failed to find sufficient entertainment for their children.

At Madars wonderland our kids are having the best times of fun says this mother of fiveSaid she, “While Hargeisa is home to a couple of children entertainment facilities that provide exactly the same amenities we thought a broader facility with diverse fun activities shall not only provide children with ample entertainment and avail parents time-out to relax in the knowledge that their kids are enjoying themselves in safety but recoup investment as a prelude to gainful employment and at home as well”

A go through the children’s play area of Madar Wonderland revealed the availability of several play themes ranging from giraffe shape swings, ball filled diving, splash down, baby bicycles and vehicles among others in which kids of all ages were actively taking advantage under observation by facility personnel who are always at hand for help or advise.

happiest moments for kids at Madars wonderland in Hargeisa SomalilandAccording to Abdilahi Yaquub and his spouse who were at Madar Wonderland with their three children during the visit by Somalilandsun the fun accrued by children is worth every penny of the three dollars entrance fee charged.

“For me and my family this is the third time to visit and though it is basically a kids fun place and while my wife engrosses with other mothers, for me playing football at the Madar Wonderland playground securely on turf and without fear of sustaining unnecessary injuries is my pleasure “said Mr. Yaquub who was proudly dressed for sports.

bike ridingWhile a casual glance at the Madar Wonderland Sports grounds might indicate only football-Soccer is catered for, the grounds keeper Mustafa Bashir Hassan says that the still under preparation facility under his charge, other sports like basketball, volleyball, netball and hockey are available.

“Soft games like table tennis are already in place currently next to the reception area “said the grounds-keeper while revealing that regular tournaments in the various sporting categories shall be a regular calendar for both children and adults visiting Wonderland once it is officially opened.

Madar Wonderland Manager Amina Madar serving a young client As for the much awaited official opening, the manager Ms. Amina Madar who thanked ministry of youth and sports officials for facilitating ease of registration and the finance minister Zamzam Abdi Aden for her moral support revealed that current operations were a test run that has proved successful and upon arrival of more amenities expected anon the official launch is occurring soon.

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Welcome to Madars wonderland says the irrisistable mascot as a kid inset enjoys her time inside