Somaliland: Administrative Constraints in Sool Region Can Impact Negatively on SDF Projects


In its 2015 Sool regional project budget SDF has allocated US 45000000 encompassing all areas in this map

Somalilandsun – A summary of allocations published by Somaliland Development Fund -SDF gives an insight into the new strategy the SDF Joint Steering Committee has adopted in line with Somaliland government priorities.

The Joint Steering Committee has approved US $ 45 million of which which US$ 5,106, 711 will go to projects in Sool region. 74% of funds for Sool will be spent on health projects ( US$ 2,492,931) and educational projects ( US$ 1,304, 447 ). The rest of the allocation for Sool will go to environmental, rural, livestock and water resources projects.

Sool’s share of Somaliland Development Fund allocations has increased from 5% ( of a total country-wide allocations of US $ 11,722,050 in 2014 ) to 11% ( of US$ 45,000,000 allocations in 2015 ).

Increase in funds allocated to Sool shows Somaliland government no longer regards Sool as a periphery region inaccessible to aid workers. However, there are some administrative issues that will cause implementation constraints due to lack of clarity about the number of districts that make up Sool.

Somaliland government has not clarified whether Sool has a pre-1991 status and consists of 4 districts ( Las Anod, Aynaba, Huddun and Taleh ) or if Aynaba is the administrative capital of Saraar, a new region created by Somaliland administration or if Taleh is the administrative capital of Haysimo, a region created in 2014. The Somaliland Ministry of Planning Sool Regional Development Plan ( 2014-2016) states the region consists of four districts but lists six districts to include Yagoori and Boo’ame.

Addressing administrative constraints will ensure implementation of SDF projects in Sool in accordance with programming principles including poverty reduction, acting in a conflict-sensitive manner and striking a balance between rural and urban areas.

Liban Ahmad

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