Somaliland Loses 60% of TB Funding From Global Fund, TB Day function told


Somalilandsun- As Somaliland joined the world yesterday to commemorate the 2018 World TB Day, the painful fact revealed to the developing nation is that 60% of the Global TB fund has been slashed.
The sad news was given by the Minister of Health Development Hon. Dr. Hassan Ismael yesterday as the nation marked the day hence cautioned all stakeholders to double their efforts in seeing to it that the disease is put under control.

Somaliland VP addressed the function In Hargeisa

Given that the malty-resistance Drugs TB has spiraled, it is high time that the efforts to fight against it is indeed fortified to contain the health security risk.
While gracing the occasion the Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Ismael noted that the Kulmiye government had made great efforts to diversify the services of fighting the malaise.
It is thus the places where TB treatment services is today 23. Seven centres are at the major hospitals in the country and sixteen are TB centres specializing on both basic treatment (DOTS) and the MDR containment.
Havoyoco members entertained the audience with concerts depicting the effects of the disease.
Those wo spoke included the DG Dr. Mohammed Abdi and TB departmental Director Dr. Seyid Hassan Ismael.