Somaliland: Civil Service Reform Project Goes Buhoodle


Somalilandsun- The government of Somaliland has for the first time in 27 years has started registration of her employees across the country. The head count of the government employees has been ongoing for the past two months nationwide. The civil service registrar have now reached Buhodle town.
The chairman of the Civil Service Commission Mr.Sharmarke Ahmed Muhumed Geele has confirmed the commencement of the exercise in Buhodle. The chairman urged all government employees to go to registration centers for the head count; he cautioned those absentees’ workers that their names will be omitted from the payroll.
Speaking to reporters Mr.Sharmarke said “As you are all aware the public service commission commenced an exercise to upgrade and uplift the quality of government employees’ skills and counting of all workers so that the government could plan for the future. Today the exercise has begun in Buhodle this comes following spirited consultation and strategic planning to overhaul a dwarfed civil service. The registration had already been done in Odweine, Haji Salah, Duruqsi, Dhoqoshay, Balli-dhiig,Qoryaale and Quruluud.”
The civil service boss commended the people of Buhodle of participating in this exercise in a patriotic way.
By:Guled Abdi Maher