Somaliland: Local Pastoralist Communities Eye Paris Climate Change Talks


Goats lie under a shelter outside drought stricken Gargara village in Somaliland Photo by Felicity McCabe

Somalilandsun – When politicians meet in Paris next week to negotiate a global climate deal, their commitments will have far-reaching consequences for Pastoralist communities in Somaliland who are among those with a vital stake in the talks, as a changing climate continues to have a devastating impact.

According to Clár Ní Chonghaile who visited Somaliland and met people reeling from drought and cyclones in a region that “could be considered the canary in the mine of a world that is getting hotter, and where extreme weather is becoming more common”, “Drought and cyclones hit Somaliland as Kenya mobilises money to tackle changing weather; and the secrecy around cutting girls among Colombia’s Emberá”

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Meanwhile Now people in rural Somaliland face a debilitating drought that threatens to change their way of life forever as They eke out an existence in the face of myriad humanitarian, environmental and political challenges reports the Guardian in a piece titled Somaliland stricken by drought: ‘We need what all humans need’