Somaliland: Cabinet Approves 2016 National Annual Budget


Finance minister standing far right briefs council of ministers chaired by President Silanyo on the 2016 budget

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Parliament’s lower chambers, the House of Representatives is set for debate on the Somaliland annual budget 2016.

This follows the unanimous approval by members of the cabinet of a draft budget proposal by finance minister Zamzam Abdi Aden worth almost $300m

In her first budget presentation and the country’s 24th Minister Zamzam informed that courtesy of improved public financial management the 2016 central coffers have realized $295,280,174 for public services.

Surpursing by 13% the 2015 budget worth $251m which was then termed the biggest in the history of Somaliland and having surpassed the previous one by almost a third the 2016 figures are divided in five sub-heads as indicated below in a table availed by the presidential spokesperson Eng Hussein Egge who is a nonvoting member of the council of ministers.

2015 Somaliland Budgetary AllocationsThe finance minister who was supported by her former state minister currently minsietr of aviation Osman Abdialhi Sahardid ‘Adani’ and a team of youtful staffers from her ministry’s Budgetary and Planning departjents Ms Zamzam revealed that 2016 figures have prioritazide sectors namely:

1. Security and Rule of Law

2. Roads and Water

3. Health and social services

4. Youth and Job creation

5. Agricluture and Land Maagement

6. Local Production Motivation

7. Good Governnance and public administration enhancment

8. Elections and International Recognition

9. Investement and

10. Economy and Public property

At the cabinet meeting chaired by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo at the somaliland presidency on the 26th Novdmber and following a complete brieifng by the ministry of finance team it was unanimpusly agreed on aptness of the 2016 ammounts and subsequeitnly approved.

Ministers peruse the budget submited by Zamzam Abdi AdenFollowing this aproval the ministry of finance shall submit the budget to the the house of representtaives for debate, ammandements if any and subsequent approval or rejection as per law.

Once legislators approve the budget shall be return to the presidency for signature thence turning it into a national management document thats details funds sources as well as governing availabilty and disburdsmemt of monies intednfor public administration in 2016.

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