Somaliland: Local Health Sector to Benefit from Australian Doctors For Africa Donation


As SwanCare dispatches to Somaliland a consignment of ADFA donated medical equipment
SwanCare dispatches to Somaliland a consignment of ADFA donated medical equipment

Somalilandsun-A RANGE of beds, wheelchairs and walking frames from WA’s largest single-site aged care and retirement living provider is making its way to Africa in an effort to improve medical care in one of the poorest places in the world – Somaliland.
The items we were donated to the not-for-profit organisation Australian Doctors For Africa (ADFA) and left from Bentley’s SwanCare last week.
Established in 2005, ADFA is a leading medical humanitarian organisation providing medical training and hospital equipment to vulnerable communities in East Africa.
Founding director and chief executive Graham Forward said this was the fourth time SwanCare had donated equipment to Africa, with voluntary organisation Community Mates being invaluable in offering volunteers to help sort and load the equipment into shipping containers.
“We’re genuinely grateful for SwanCare’s continued support of ADFA and their donations, which gives new life to second-hand equipment; the beds and walking frames will make an invaluable difference to many people in need in Somaliland,” he said.
As well as the donation of equipment, the main aim of ADFA is to engage Australian and African volunteer medical professionals to provide medical, surgical and nursing skill training services in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Madagascar and the Comoros.
“Since 2005, we’ve trained hundreds of medical specialists and students, conducted thousands of surgical procedures, and dispatched medical supplies and equipment throughout East Africa,” Dr Forward said.
SwanCare chief executive Graham Francis said as SwanCare needed new equipment the old items were highly functional and ideal for Somaliland.
“At SwanCare, we like to help where we can because we’re well aware that there are medical facilities around the world that simply don’t have access to the basic supplies and equipment that can make a big difference to people’s lives,” he said.

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