Somaliland: “Faraton is an Ineffective Interior Minister having Failed to Secure his Lasanod Backyard”


Says Abdi Dheere the Sool regional chairman of Opposition Party Wadani

Lasanod remains one of the most insecure cities for Somaliland citizens

By Guled Abdi Mahir
SomalilandSun -The chairman of opposition National Party (Wadani) for Sool Region Mr.Abdi Dheere has criticised the minister for internal security Mr.Yassin Faraton for speaking things that are detrimental for Somaliland ‘s sovereignty. The Wadani stalwart said that the internal security minister while in Gabiley town uttered words that could have a negative impact on the country’s democratic well-being.
He stated that Mr.Faraton said that Ethiopia supports the candidacy of the ruling party aspirant a Mr.Musa Bihi Abdi which he stated undermines Somaliland independence and added that this is the prerogative of Somaliland people to choose whomever they want to be their leader.
According to Mr.Abdi Dheere the interior minister said that the country does not need election thus Mr.Musa the ruling party candidate should be given the mantle of the nation directly.
Chairman Abdi Dheere stated that Mr. Faraton was for many years out of the country and should know that Somaliland democracy is not decided by a clique of connected individuals with a dubious agenda. The Wadani Sool Region chairman added the the country has a one man one vote policy which he claimed Mr.Faraton is ignorant about because of his absence from the country.
He went further o state that the people present at the Gabiley meeting where the minister announced his sentiments were government employees rounded up from Hargeisa adding the the town resident had no time to listen to his rubbish.
Abdi Dheere the Sool regional chairman of Opposition Party Wadani castigates Somaliland interior minister Prof Faraton inset He said the interior minister was snubbed by Gabiley inhabitants like no other minister to have toured the region. Mr. Abdi Dheere said that the internal security minister who hails from Sool Region is a disgrace to Somaliland as a nation and needs to be removed for bringing disrepute to the country, because his own backyard Sool Region is suffering from insecurity which Mr. Faraton has failed to nip in the bud.
Faraton is the first Dhulbahante clansman from Sool region to ever hold the Somaliland interior portfolio