Somaliland: Local and Effective Refrigeration


By: Yusuf M HasanFridge made in somaliland by landers for landers

EL-MIDGAN (Somalilandsun) – With most rural residents and more specifically nomads devoid of electricity and modern cooling tools like refrigerators one would think getting a cold drink is impossible.

Passing through El-midgan a village near El-afweine town in Sanaag region a quest to quench thirst brought discoveries of a locally made cooling system that beats the more popular fridge ten to nil.

Water cooler nomadic styleTo cool assorted sodas and bottled water for consumption in the very hot areas of the country locals make coolers out of sacks that they design that when a number of bottles are put inside, then tightly sealed and water sprinkled through the drinks will cool to any levels in about an hour and for stone cold four to six hours.

Water for home consumption is cooled by wrapping pieces of sacks that are tightly sewed round jerry can mostly that of five litres capacity.

With these very simple innovations Somalilanders devoid of either electricity and where available unable to purchase a refrigerator s quench their thirsts with cold drinks just as a new Yorker , Londoner or Hargeisawi does.

Always wondered how nomads survive but with such innovations who needs the crowded and dusty towns where every move one makes requires payment of some sort!