Somaliland: Let Them Eat Cake Film Brings Pleasures and Perils of Pastry


LOS ANGELES, CA (Somalilandsun) – – From award-winning director Alexis Krasilovsky comes a new documentary that takes a global view of the perils and pleasures of pastry. Let Them Eat Cake
premiered at the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh on January 13, 2014, at the new Ethnografilm Festival in Paris, France on April 19th, and at the Sole Luna Festival in Treviso, Italy in September – where it won Special Jury Mention for “Best Editing.”. The feature-length Director’s Cut of Let Them Eat Cake premiered on July 20, 2014 at the 7th International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala, India., with a US premiere at the High Falls Film Festival in Rochester, New York
(October 2014). Let Them Eat Cake will screen at the Filmmor International Women’s Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey in March 2015.
Six years in the making and filmed in a dozen countries, Let Them Eat Cake is an important social documentary that will make people sit up and take notice of the dark sides of pastry-making and consumption that have previously been hidden from view.
What makes the world of pastry-making and consumption so dark? How can something that is a sweet expression of cultural values and love make you sick and in some case, even kill you? Let Them Eat Cake answers both these questions by focusing on issues such as diabetes, obesity and world hunger.

What makes Let Them Eat Cake even more important than your average film is that it takes a global approach to the problem and has filmed all over the world, in countries like Japan, Mexico, Peru, India,Bangladesh, Turkey, France, and the United States–just to name a few. With different perspectives from all over the globe, the film shows how pastry makers in France decorate their lavish cakes and pastries,while in India, sugarcane workers toil in the hot sun, and in the Republic of Guinea, children pick cocoa pods on their families’ plantations.
The film is co-produced by ciné-activist Sanjoy Ghosh, an Indian filmmaker who has co-directed the independent feature films, Rihla…The Journey and Adbhutam (The Wonder); Hamidou Soumah, a former communications consultant for UNESCO and training director in radio and television at the French National Institute of Communication, (Institut National de la Communication Audiovisuelle); and of course, Alexis Krasilovsky, who is also the writer and director of Let Them Eat Cake. Some of Krasilovsky’s previous works include Women Behind The Camera (and the TV version, Shooting Women) which won five “Best Documentary” awards and received much festival recognition ((; Epicenter U., which focused on the 2004 Northridge earthquake; End of The Art World, starring Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg; Just Between Me and You, shown nationally on The Learning Channel’s series, “The Independents”; and Exile, filmed in Czechoslovakia before the fall of the Iron Curtain and screened throughout the US on PBS.

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Over the course of six years, Let Them Eat Cake has employed crew from all over the world, including unit directors, producers and translators, thus bringing together people in the international film community. Emel Celebi served as Unit Producer (Turkey). Let Them Eat Cake also features original music by artists from all over the world, including Ed Finney, Yasumi Miyazawa, Jenny Eloise Rieu and many others. The film is fiscally sponsored by the International Documentary Association.
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