Somaliland: Legislators Approve Ministerial Appointments


MPs vote for new Presidential appointeesBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The lower house has unanimously approved newly appointed ministers and a parastatal head.

President Silanyo’s appointment of Abdi Yusuf Duale “Boobe”, Ali Elmi Gelle, Abdilahi Abokor and Mawlid Mohamed Ibrahim as members of his council of ministers has been approved by parliament where 44 Members were in attendance.

During the House of representatives sitting chaired by deputy speaker Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah, the appointment of Hon Abdi Yusuf Duale “Boobe as minister of information and national guidance and that of Hon Ali Elmi Gelle’s appointment as minister of Posts and Telecommunication was approved 41 MPs voting yes, while one MP abstained from voting while none objected.

Newly appointed deputy interior minister Hon Abdilahi Abokor approval followed the same voting pattern as of the two ministers while his counterpart at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hon Mawlid Mohamed Ibrahim received 42 yes votes with none abstaining or objecting. Also approved was the incoming chairman of the Civil service Commission Mr. Nuh Sheikh Muse who saw 42 members vote yes.

Other ministerial appointees yet to be approved include the finance minister Abdiaziz Mohamed Samale and Minister of youth, sports and culture Ali Said Raygal.

These appointments were made following a dramatic reshuffle by President Silanyo on the 14th March 2012, that saw the head of state fire senior ministers. Read the full story via