Somaliland: Leftover from The Five Somalis

map of envisaged but failed Greater Somalia

Somalilandsun: There was a time when the Somalis were dreamed of Five Somalis, namely: French Somaliland, Somaliland British Protectorate, Ogaden, Italian Somaliland, NFD ( Northern Frontier District of Kenya ) to come together and Greater Somalia. That ambitious dream a history. What left from that dream is the Somali Democratic Republic of Somalia, consisting of Somaliland and the so-called Somalia.

Somaliland is the only one which survived from the civil wars, confusion, and uncertainty. Even though we have some well-known grievances from lack of power sharing among the tribes in Somaliland, and there is indisputable belief that power lies in the hands of some, there is a general understanding that SOMALILAND is far much better than it has been in its entire history and still improving thanks to it is people without much financial assistance from anywhere in the world. The international communities see the efforts the Somalilanders put into their survival and built a full-fledged Democratic System with all its requirements but still immature because of the lack of trust in Political Institutions which require strong and inclusive Representative Bodies which in turn make Democratic Societies.

The five star flag denoting the five Somali regions of NFD Kenya, Ogaden Ethiopia, Italian Somalia, British Somaliland and Djibouti propsed to create the greater Somalia

Returning to the So-called Somali Democratic Republic, the first question which comes into my mind is; Does Democratic Somali Republic exists? My answer is NO! We all know that it has become irrelevant because the remaining from greater Somalia is the Somaliland Democratic Republic. The international communities know that. What they are supporting financially and politically is the mini-Government seated in Mogadisho. Farmajo and his entourage’s control could not succeed the control over Mogadisho or I should say beyond the Green Zone. Farmajo and his entourage get more richer every day from the financial support from the International Communities. The presidents of the mini-Governments of Kismayo, Puntland, Galmudug, and Hirshabelle blackmail the so- called Somali Government headed by Farmajo.

Farmajo is trying to dismantle the only Democratic Institution remained from the greater Somalia but so far failed thanks to the people of Somaliland. The reason that he is employing some people from Somaliland is not out of love but trying to pity us against one another and divide us and destroy the Democracy flourishing in our land. Those of Somalilanders who are envisioning that they will be better off in Mogadisho are being politically incorrect and only doing that to gain some publicity and throw outs from Somaliland Government and get invitation from Farmajo.

Mohamed Ali Mousa

I would conclude this writing by saying that Somalilanders have dug themselves from a deep hole and should not be misled again.

Please stay tuned for some more articles to come.

Mohamed Ali Mousa