Somaliland: Leave Politicking to the Politicians!


Somalilandsun- I think that Somalilanders should let the politics for the elected politicians. Currently, more than half of the Somaliland population are politicians through the social media and others are through coffee shops and Khat session rooms .
As the saying goes:
“Too many cooks spoil the broth” unquote.
My advice is for the public to leave the job of running the country for the elected politicians without interference other than the opposition political parties.
Those that don’t agree with the government policies should air their disagreements through the ballot box come this October presidential and October 2018 parliamentary elections in Somalilamd
High with Khat, the flower of paradise, most people in Somaliland turn to political discussions in which they profess expertise
This comment was posted on his Facebook page by Mohamed Ali Medeshi a Somalilander in the British Diaspora and editor of