Somaliland: Guurti Reprimands Somalia Authorities for Regular Transgressions


As the elders set Debate for presidential Term Extension for Next Week
 Suleiman Aden inset officiated the opening of the Somaliland Guurti 62nd Session in Hargeisa where Elders Warned Somalia

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – While we shall always aspire to peaceful coexistence with neighboring countries, Somalilanders are irked by regular infringements by Somalia authorities.

This was stated by the chairman of Guurti Suleiman Mahmoud Aden during the opening of the chambers 62nd session.
After terming the session of Guurti, the Somaliland upper chamber of parliament, as officially opened elder Suleiman started by pleading to Allah for relieve from effects of the severe drought engulfing the country.
Upon acknowledgement of the severe drought related hardships being persevered by citizens especially in the eastern parts of Somaliland elders in session went on to prod their chair on issues related to Somalia and the recently submitted request for presidential term extension.
On the issue of Somalia, the Guurti was unanimous that authorities in Mogadishu are persistent in their interferences with matters internal to Somaliland, which they stated as no longer acceptable.
The elders were referring to recent insinuations from Somalia that they oppose the award of a military base in Berbera by the government in Hargeisa which they consider as part of the Somalia Federal government as well as alleged plans to contest the award at the Arab League and the United Nations.
Terming the continued transgressions by Somalia over issues local and internal to Somaliland as having reached the apex of intolerability the elders , urged the new administration led by president Farmajo to be cautious and as a result desist from infringing on this country’s matters.
“Our silence over regular infringements by Somalia authorities should not be misconstrued as acceptance or cowardice” Said Elder Suleiman while stressing on the importance of sustaining prevalent peace within Somaliland and Somalia.
On the eagerly awaited slating of debate on presidential term extension which the assembled elders had to be brought to silence on several occasions, the Chair informed that related papers shall be circulated by the end of the week.
Last week president Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo submitted a letter  to the Guurti requesting his term extension to October 2017 which was occasioned by postponement of presidential elections in initially slated for March to October.
According to constitutional stipulations the Guurti is the only body with the mandate to extend presidential or legislature (house of representatives) tenure.