Somaliland: Law Graduates Applaud Presidency Minister


Youth friendly initiatives by Somaliland presidency minister Hirsi H Ali recognized  Acknowledge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Fresh law graduates from public owned Hargeisa University have praised the efforts and projects spearheaded by the presidency cabinet minister Hirsi Ali Hassan.
Converging under the auspices of a group dubbed G7 the new legal counselors thanked Hirsi for his efforts in programs intended to alleviate & uplift the lifestyle of youths in the country that are geared to make educated youths self-sufficient.
The chairman of the group Mr. Ludfi Matan commended Hirsi for his previous initiative to develop youths through provision of training that are intended to make them competitive in the global market.
“The youthful minister has the interest and the welfare of the young people in the heart” roared Matan during a thanks giving ceremony held at the city’s summertime hotel on Monday.
The G7 group was optimistic that minister Hirsi would still provide sound guidance and counseling to the national youth until they are incorporated in different decision making organs of the state.

Minister Hirsi recognized for Youth friendly initiatives in Somaliland/file
The fresh ‘learned friends’ also applauded Hirsi for conducting a dinner for all graduates from the country’s University that was recently held in Hargeisa.

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