Somalia: “The No-Confidence Motion is an obstacle to Vision 2016,” says Prime Minister Abdiweli


 PM Abdiweli fighting for political life in Mogadishu

Somaliland sun -The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia addressed the country during a media briefing to provide insight on the current political situation, the ongoing bid to table a motion of no-confidence against the administration and the subsequent division in the House of the People. In his address, the Prime Minister stated the following:

1. On the 25th of October 2014, I announced a minor reshuffle of the Cabinet in accordance with Article 100 (a) and (b) of the provisional Constitution. The reshuffle was aimed at improving the performance of the Cabinet. In particular, it arose out of a need to resolve the conflict between the Judiciary and the Ministry of Justice as well as other concerns within the Finance and Foreign Affairs ministries.
2. On the same day, the Office of the President issued a statement, which termed the reshuffle as inconsequential and further directed the affected Ministers to disregard the reshuffle directive. This statement from the Office of the President contravenes the aforementioned Articles of the Constitution and the independence of institutions.
3. This was followed by the initiation of a motion of no-confidence in the administration which had no relation to the performance of the government. Rather it was based on displeasure of the President because of the transfer of a minister (close to the President) to another portfolio.
4. The motion, which is regarded by a majority of parliamentarians and members of the public as illegal and driven by corruption, has brought about deep division within the House and other institutions at a time when it is important to maintain the unity of our leadership, institutions and our people.
5. The motion of no-confidence has also created obstacles to the progress of implementing Vision 2016.
6. There have been two attempts to table the motion in circumvention of the law, but the Honourable Members of Parliament have denounced these attempts, which threaten our unity and the integrity of our institutions. The MPs have,persistently, called on the President and the sponsors of the motion to consider the public’s interest and refrain from activities that may lead to disunity and political instability in our country. The calls of the parliamentarians and similar requests from the public and other stakeholders have been disregarded.
7. Today, there was yet another attempt to reintroduce the motionbypassing the Rules and Proceduresof the parliament. I applaud the House for countering this illegal motion and it saddens me that a few are not wisely using the powers entrusted to them.
8. I also applaud the efforts of the House leadership to resolve the current crisis through dialogue in order to safeguard the unity of the House. I have constantly reiterated my readiness for dialogue but the other party has, unfortunately been unwilling to join the dialogue.
9. I welcome the House leadership that voiced their concern that the motion has become an obstacle to the legislative function of the House and implementation of the legislative agenda that was agreed by the executive and legislative institutions, as part of the Vision 2016.
10. I also applaud the efforts of the House leadership who remain ready to resolve the current crisis through dialogue rather than a divisive motion.
11. Lastly,I call on the Somali people to unite in safeguarding the Constitution and the rule of law.
Source: Office of the Somalia Prime Minister