Somaliland: Launching Ganad Public Library


Senior Nomad Alpha BlondyBy: Alpha Blondy , Senior Nomad

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – so………i had this vision last night, as you do… in the vision, i saw a library bearing my name…. then this morning, i went to the ministry of education and registered the library….because talking is for FOOLs, somaha?

i’ve already procured the books and learning resources/materials. establishing the library will take me about 10 months….inshallah. my area doesn’t have a public library and this is really disappointing. i hope this project can count on your valued support. i’m not asking for donations, contributions nor BOOK AID because i DON’T need that, ma garateen? i’ll work with a grass roots, bottoms up and a conscious effort. in time, this will be a community based project. it’ll be a space of learning. it’ll be managed by me (CEO, founder and Chief Librarians) and staff (3 assistants, 2 librarians and 1 library liaison officer) = 6 new JOBS created.

i just need your valued support. i have the necessary connections to help me establish the library……….but seriously, any ideas or suggestions and most importantly positive comments of encouragement will go a long way. this small nation has come a long way and but that’s not enough…… and there is so much more….we can ALL do to make a difference……ee sida uula soco…..

i’ll update y’all in the next couple of months of the progresses. this could be ‘our little’ mashruuc. so support me to support our people.

nabadu waa nolosha, noloshu waa nabada – Alpha Blondy of SOL circa 2012



Hargeisa, Somaliland

Founder of Ganad Public Library and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honour (PMH)