Somaliland: Lander MPs In Mogadishu Urge Caution over DP World Berbera Port Contract


Somalilandsun- MPs of Somaliland origin in the Somalia Legislature Call for the Postponement of Motion Forfeiting DP World Investments in Berbera International Port

The parliament of the lame duck Somalia government in Mogadishu has failed to heed calls by some traitors MPs from Somaliland to postpone a motion banning the investments made by DP World at Berbera Port.
The Somalia legislature has passed a bill forfeiting the tripartite agreement reached between Somaliland, UAE and Ethiopia.
Some parliamentarians who are Somaliland natives and their Somalia counterparts had requested the house to put off the agenda banning the agreement until further notice to bide them time to investigate the deal thoroughly.
However the Somaliland traitors were snubbed by their Somalia colleagues who went on to pass the motion.
The 11 traitors Somaliland MPs in Mogadishu parliament are
1.Mr.Mohammed Omar Arte
2.Mr.Abdirahman Abdi
3.Ahmed Mohamed Sheikh alias Dhagaweine
4.Mohammed Ibrahim Abdi alias Diyeeshe
5.Ali Mohammed Musa
6.Amina Omar Jama
7.Huda Ahmed Ali
8.Ahmed Mohammed Jama
9.Fadhumo Ismael Hussein
10.Amina Sheikh Osman
11.Fadhumo Hassan Ali

Some of the Somalia MPs of Somaliland Orogin

Somaliland has a democratic elected government with her own legislature voted in through one man one vote it remain to be seen who the Somalia hand picked legislators represent as the population in the north west do not recognize the legitimacy of the Somalia government.
By Guleid Abdi Maher