Somaliland: Kulmiye Party Unceremoniously Disposes It’s Central Committee Chairperson


Somalilandsun – The Deputy Kulmiye party central committee chairman has been elevated to the top perch on a temporary basis.
This follows the firing of the Somaliland ruling Kulmiye party central committee chairperson Jama Ismail Egge Shabeel.
The firing of Jama Shabeel was announced through a terse press statement released by the Kulmiye executive committee and signed by the party’s second deputy chairperson Ahmed Abdi Hussein and dated 30th September 2018.

The letter cum statement addressed to Jama Shabeel and CCed to the party’s Deputy central committee chair, executive committee, Secretary General and party chairman Read
Re: Executive Committee Decision
In lieu of persistent acts that breed discontent and disunity within Kulmiye party, and having ascertained without doubt that you are it only involved but overtly been undermining this party, and
Having proved that your have acted, knowingly and in public both at the party offices and within the capital Hargeisa, in a manner geared towards causing uprising among party members.
Having on several occasions opposed party bosses and the office of the very important post you hold on the Kulmiye party
Having utilized your party position to advance your own personal agenda which is contrary to that of entire entity,
Having failed to adhere to requests to desist from the destructive policies pursued
The central committee guided by article 56 , sections 2,3 & 4 of the Kulmiye party constitution do hereby relieve you Jama Ismail Egge Shabeel from your position as chairman and member of the central committee with effect from 30th September 2018.
In the meantime and until further notice your deputy shall assume the Kulmiye central committee chairmanship on a temporary basis.-Unquote

The fired ruling party senior functionary who is also a member of the House of Representatives, the Somaliland lower chamber of parliament , has in the Late been known to be outspoken as pertains the controversial rape law.
Though the firing letter did not touch issues related to the Rape Law it is a fact that MP Jama Shabeel has taken a different position from that of his party on the controversial Law.
Since it was promulgated by President Muse Bihi Abdi after approval by both chambers of parliament the Rape Law is set for review following powerful lobby by religious leaders who claim that it goes against Islamic tenets.

In the meantime the chairman of the powerful party central committee becomes the first senior member to lose his position since Kulmiye party won the Somaliland presidential elections for a second time last November.

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The firing letter in Somali language

Somaliland Ruling Kulmiye Party Unceremoniously Disposes It’s Central Committee Chairperson