Somaliland: KULMIYE Party Conference and the Mohamud Hashi East Burao Connection Quest

Mahmud Hashi wants to dethrone Muse Behi at kulmiye party

Somalilandsun: The much anticipated KULMIYE Party Congress is scheduled to take place in early October, 2020.

The Somaliland ruling party’s conference is not expected to bring about a major change in its leadership, but delegates are expected to make changes to the number of executive and central committees members.

However, it is predicted that the party congress will be overshadowed by a political crisis over the party’s chairmanship, as it is not yet clear  whether President Bihi will hold on to chairmanship  or relinquish the much coveted post.

In the wings and in much anticipation of Bihi’s ultimate decision is Politician Mohamud Hashi Abdi who has for a long time declared his interest in the Kulmiye Chairmanship thus ultimate leader and presumptive party presidential candidate if the president does not vie for a second a term.

The Mahmoud Hashi quest for the ruling party leadership of which he intends to contest for at the convention in offing has earned him political animosity among a section of the parry not to mention a bitter feud between him and President Bihi.

Despite efforts to bring the President and Mohamud Hashi closer, there have been no direct or indirect meetings between the two, since politician announced his intentions,

“With the bad blood between the two it is  uncertain whether  Mohamud Hashi will be one of the delegates attending the party convention” a source close to the party told our sister paper Geeska Afrika

Prior to the party conference  President Bihi is said to be scheduled for later this month for a meeting with eastern Burao traditional leaders clans who are expected to discuss the future of the Kulmiye party leadership.

Poignant to note here is the fact that the eastern Burao clans do not only make up the bulk of Kulmiye party supporters but allude to be founders of the now ruling Somaliland political party.

For these clansmen from the east Bihi ascended to party leadership after his predecessor and their kin Ahmed Silanyo became Somaliland president thence current president is obligated to scratch their back just as they did him and his clan.

It is therefore not unfounded to assume that much of the party’s future rides with outcome of the president Bihi and Burao east clan leaders since their quest are to have one of their own take over the Kulmiye chairmanship.

However, the ultimate litmus test shall be at the convention where most questions shall be answered notably being whether President Bihi will relinquish the chairmanship and if he hangs, Mohamud Hashi loses thence opportunity to leave the party.

For Mahmud Hashi prayers are that Muse Bihi decides to vacate the party leadership for the contrary will remove breathing space for the contender thence his complete oblivion from the Somaliland political arena for his joining either of the two opposition parties of Wadani and UCID is completely untenable

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