Somaliland: Drug Abuse is Eating into the Fabric of our Societies-Sh Mohamed Abdale

Somaliland: Drug Abuse

Somalilandsun: Non Islamic conduct currently taking root is slowly eating into the fabric of our societies

This was informed by Sheikh Abdirahman Mohamed Abdale, the former chairman of the Somaliland Commission for promotion of Good Deeds and Deterrence to Vice during a briefing to Geeska Afrika in the capital Hargeisa/

“It is a fact that this problem now engulfing Somaliland emanates from local youths adaption of foreign norms” said the cleric as he called on the government and the police to take action against any situation that poses a threat to Islam and morality.

Pointing out that the government is aware of the situation due to the large quantities of Cannabis Sativa (Ganja) the police have so far nabbed countrywide, the Sheikh suggested that young people arrested for misconduct be sent to custodial rehabilitation centers rather than normal criminal correctional facilities.

Sheikh Abdirahman Mohamed Abdale

Stating that regular announcement of the arrest of mostly young people for possession of cannabis sativa was not enough and neither a solution, Sheikh Abdirahman Mohamed Abdale said “The security forces have seized a lot of cannabis and other drugs from very young people Most of whom are detained in different police stations in the country, so I urge the government and the judiciary to stand up for Islamic tenets and use legal means to rehabilitate our youths before it is too late.

In Somaliland a predominantly Islamic country alcohol and any type of drugs is prohibited and those found in possession usually get stiff custodial sentences

Touching on the plight of poor families in the country the cleric urged all to chip in to ensure their survival as per Islamic stipulations.

On the predicament of those from the lower ranks of society in the judiciary system which is always unfair to them for reasons unknown, Sh Abdirahman M Abdale said “The government must uphold justice, and be aware of its poor and destitute people, because it is its responsibility to always be honest,”