Somaliland: Kulmiye Only Viable Leadership Party


Says the ruling party presidential candidate Musa Behi as he reveals administration agenda if elected in 2017

Muse Behi

By: Mahmoud Qodah

Somalilandsun- The ruling Kulmiye party is the most experienced political organization in Somaliland having been in existence for more than a decade.

This was state by the party leader Muse Behi Abdi during an address to Kulmiye party adherents in the United Kingdom where he also detailed the agenda of his administration once elected to office come March 2017.
Muse Behi who is also the party’s flag bearer in forthcoming presidential elections termed Security, Justice and economic growth as the three main pillars of his administration and the clarion call of his campaign for office.
Said he “ Though we have been very successful in establishing peace and security in somaliland within the last 25 years, my administration will not only sustain but enhance on the achievements’
The party chief who is among the three citizens vying for the Somaliland presidency stressed on the fact that sustaining and enhancing on prevalent security in the country during his administration with be based on modernizing the security forces through an input of sufficient funds, training, apt equipment and appointment of knowledgeable commanders.
Adding that his administration will also give the forces commanders full authority in issues operational Muse Behi said that this shall only be possible with deterring interference by politicians.
On Justice, the second pillar of the party it was revealed that training and funding shall be the driving force thence ensure citizens are availed rights by a cadre of dedicated and highly trained judiciary officers.
“We hereby promise that justice shall be apportioned equally without regard to station in life for all citizens” said the Kulmiye party presidential hopeful, adding that the apt performance by the judiciary shall also instill investment confidence among citizens in the diaspora as well as foreigners.
The former Colonel in the Somalia National army turned SNM rebel commander said that based on his party’s accrued Experience both in opposition and ruling, a street vendor and big company owner shall be accorded equal treatment under law.
Similarly employment opportunities in the civil service shall be based on merit rather than ‘this is a relative of minister or Director general so and so” thence a country in which every citizen feels part of and treated as such.
On economic growth which is the third pillar of his campaign for the presidency Muse Behi Abdi said that establishing a completely independent Auditor General’s office shall be the first step thence ensure public funds and assets are not of benefit to a few powerful but to all Somalilanders.
“While security and justice are of utmost importance, the alleviation of poverty among citizens is a major prelude” said the Kulmiye party chair adding that a people wallowing in abject poverty have no time for other issues.
Muse Behi Abdi who is on a party promotion tour of the United Kingdom is accompanied by health minister Dr Suleiman Isse Haglatosie, Planning minister Ali Shoombe, livestock development minister Abdilahi Ukuse and Awdal regional governor Mustafe Abdi Shine.
The Kulmiye party delegation has apart from the Birmingham meeting, held talks with various party branch leaders in the Isle and Sheffield local council.