Somaliland: Expel UN & International Agencies from the Country


Former finance minister Eng. Mohamed Hashi urges the government while stressing that Somaliland is not a poor country, but one in need of proper resources management
Hashi says somaliland does not need IC

Somalilandsun- Former Finance Minister Eng. Mohamed Hashi Elmi called for the government to dismiss UN and International Agencies using the name ‘Somalia’ from Somaliland.
“There are UN & international agencies as well as countries which tell they are in Somalia, rather than Somaliland. They even didn’t recognize that they are in Somaliland. Such agencies should be dismissed from the country, or instead they have to recognize that they are in Somaliland and the reality of the existence of Somaliland’s name,”
“People talk about achieving recognition; there are agencies in the country which use the name ‘Somalia’, so initially we need to start things from them by informing them to be out of the country, if they are not recognizing our country’s existence and its name, Somaliland,” former Hargeisa Mayor added.
Eng. Hashi similarly noted that UK is one of those countries which denied Somaliland’s rights for recognition, as it has been the colonial power which had already granted for the recognition to this country in a time when only 5 African states had existed and independent in the horn of Africa in 1960; which were Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt and Sudan.
“Somaliland had become the sixth country in the horn of Africa to achieve the freedom granted by the European colonies and became independent. As such former Somaliland colony and USA are among those denied our rights to be recognized as independent state, which is truly unacceptable, as Somaliland did become a victim because of the name; Somalia’.”
“They are addicted to unsettle areas which were already non-violent. They unsettle peaceful areas; hence they are telling that they are in Somalia which is untrue, but reality is that they are not happy with the peace”
“We are not Somalia, the reality is that we are Somaliland, and we have regained our lost sovereignty which took us to loss lives and everything valuable. As such we can’t accept that they easily say we are in Somalia.”
On the other side, Eng. Mohamed Hashi added Somaliland is not a poor country, but only needs its resources to be managed appropriately.
“We need not mishandle our economy. If you look back country’s 2016 national annual budget, you can easily feel that 61% of the budget is used for something not valuable. Our resource is enough for our country’s development, but only we need to manage it properly and in a wise manner.”.
Source: The Republican