Somaliland: Kitui MCA Demands Kenya Government Sent Somali Herders Away’


Worried of Security Kitui politican wants Government of Kenya to sent away encroaching Somali herders

By: Lydia Ngoolo
A Kitui Member of County Assembly-MCA has urged the government to stop Somali herders from encroaching on residents’ pasture in Kamuluyuni.
According to Nuu MCA Kilonzi Maundu “When the herders are around there is no peace, I am surprised they force themselves into the residents’ farms and graze their camels,”
Nuu MCA Kilonzi Maundu told the Star  the herders have been grazing at Engamba but have now moved to Kamuluyuni.
He said the border conflict between the locals and the Somali herders is yet to be addressed. Maundu said the most affected areas are Engamba, Sosoma, Endau, Malalani and Kasiluni.
Deputy county commissioner Jacob Ruto warned residents against selling or leasing their land to the Somali herders.