Somaliland: Khatuumo Militia Commander Embraces Hagaltosie Peace Accord


Warm Welcome for Governor HarirBy: Yusuf M Hasan

BUHODLE (Somalilandsun) – The Khatuumo secessionists have received a devastating kick.

The Khatuumo Militia Commander Col Mohamed Jama ‘Dul-kasy’ has renounced his allegiance to the secessionism after he formally embraced the Hagaltosie fronted peace accord in Buhodle.

According to the newly appointed Buhodle regional governor Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud ‘Harir’, Col Dul-kasy official joined the peace process upon handing over his weapons to a joint administration and elder’s team.

In a telephone interview with the state owned The Horn Tribune English, language newspaper an elated governor Harir said peace in Buhodle is now a reality.

Governor Harir, who became the senior most administration official to take control in the formerly volatile region last week, revealed that most of his activities to date pertained to the realization of peace and security in Buhodle through meetings with a diversified leadership and citizenry.

Read below the verbatim excerpts of the interview:

Q. Governor what reception has your administration received in the region?

A. Fantastic, all residents of Buhodle region from traditional leaders, Elders, Women and youth have been very welcoming.

Q. What has been your main activities to date/

A. As the foremost aim is to implement all aspects of the peace accord between president Silanyo and former SSC militia commander Hagaltosie, I have mainly been holding meetings with elders in pursuit of ensuring that the locals will uphold their part of the peace bargain.

Q. What has been the result of your meetings so far?

A. All the local leadership is firmly for peace thus very pro-Somaliland. It is important to inform that the meetings have been very fruitful, as all elders have vowed to ensure implementation of the Buhodle peace accord vis-à-vis the government.

In every meeting or during meet the people tours where everyone has informed of allegiance to Somaliland despite differences that led to armed skirmishes in the past. They have continuously revealed that they would have taken up the president Silanyo call for peaceful reconciliation if they were aware that their grievances would be accorded a fair hearing as prevails now.

Q. Are there any armed militias still in Buhodle?

A. Definitely None, after the signing of the peace accord in Hargeisa, all militias laid down their arms and disbanded to resume their normal peace time activities while others await absorption into any of the three national security forces as agreed.

Q. If the militias are out who is responsible for law and order since the police force is yet to assume duties?

A. Law and order is smooth, plans are at an advanced stage to deploy the regional police that left after prolonged nonpayment of salaries as well as then ensuing armed skirmishes between tribal militias and the national army.

Q. What of the Khatuumo secessionists aligned militias known to have operated in Buhodle town and most areas of the region?

A. Khatuumo state and aligned militias is a foregone issue, they are finished, completely finished.

As we speak, the former Commander of the Khatuumo militias Col Mohammed Jama Dul-kasy is sitting next to me, after accepting the futility of continued allegiance to the secessionist doctrine of Khatuumo.

The Colonel who is now firmly committed to the peace process as well as local and national development which he vowed to help implement at all costs when he handed over his weapons, in a symbolic gesture peace, to a joint administration and elders team in Buhodle town last Thursday.

Q. Governor having achieved all these in less than a fortnight, what is your next course of action?

A. My main priority now is to attain peace and security in the entire region, followed by the re-establishment of public service provision departments.

The entire Buhodle region which has for a number of years been denied public services due to the armed skirmishes that prevailed is in dire need of urgent services like health, Education among others.

The Horn Tribune: Thank you governor Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud ‘Harir’

Governor: You are welcome

The safe atmosphere being experienced by residents of Sool region is as a result of the just concluded peace accord between the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo and the commander of Sool, Sanaag & Cayn (Ain)-SSC Militias, that is under implementation.

The Buhodle peace accord which was agreed upon by President Silanyo and Hagaltosie in Dubai late June has so far seen the government released over 60 former militias from the Mandera maximum prison with the SSC reciprocating with the release of four army officers after official signing of the accord in Hargeisa.

The army also vacated most of its frontline bases in Sool-joogto, Kalshale and Maigagle where the national army vacated its bases as part of the peace deal that also saw the SSC militias surrender their weapons to the army as a prelude to their absorption in the various national security forces.

During the tour of the vacated army bases area elders informed Hagaltosie and his delegation that they fully accept and support the peace accord for benefits have started to be enjoyed a short time after implementation was initiated.

A large number of Residents who have returned to their homes after the peace deal told the Commander Hagaltosie team that nothing would impinge on their support for the peaceful reconciliation between the central government and tribal militias.

The residents said there reasoning is in considering the fruits enjoyed now, major being return to their homes from IDP camps where they sleep without fear of becoming the grass that suffers when two bulls clash.