Somaliland: Khatumoists Optimistic of Reconciliation Talks Outcome


As suspected secession allied militia abduct and detain military Supply trucks
 Prof Galayd Leader of Khatumo briefs on reconciliation talks with Somaliland from his Buhodle stronghold

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – The Khatumo state secession movement is committed to successful outcome of reconciliation talks with reconciliation the government of Somaliland
This was revealed by the President of the Khatumo state of Somalia Prof Ali Galayd during a briefing from his stronghold of Buhodle town in Sool region where he also termed Puntland authorities as non entities in the secession movement
Stating that the agreement reached with Somaliland negotiators in which the secession movement shall participate in the Ethiopian hosted talks as a fully fledged administration, as an apt gesture of determination by the government in Hargeisa, Prof Galayd said
“Acceptance by the government of Somaliland to negotiate with us as an equal authority is already half success of our reconciliation process”
Somaliland government and Khatumo state negotiators have been holding exploratory discussions in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa with intent of establishing guidelines for fully fledged talks.
Castigating Puntland , a Somalia regional state, for its continued claim of authority of the Khatumo state secession, Prof Galayd revealed that the regional government in Garowe is a non entity and one without any positive interests for the welfare of residents of Eastern Sanaag and Sool regions of Somaliland
The two regions in the east of the country are continuously under political and military interference by the Puntland administration which lays jurisdictional claim in lieu of the fact that residents are predominantly from the Warsengeli and Dulbahante clans who share the same Harti clan lineage with Majeertenis of the tribal enclave administered from Garowe.
The Prof Galayd Led secession movement aspires to the creation of a Khatumo state of Somalia presumably to be curved off from eastern Sanaag and entire Sool regions of Somaliland.
Extending congratulations to the administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for endeavors to end the political differences that have engulfed Somaliland since it withdrew from its voluntary union with Somalia 25 years ago, Prof Galayd said that his movement shall reciprocate the Somaliland desire for peace with commitment to successful conclusion of the Ethiopian hosted reconciliation talks.

In the meantime two military supply trucks abducted snatched by armed gunmen at Samakaab village 20 Kms east of the Toghdeer regional capital Burao are yet to be returned.
According to reports the two trucks fully laden with canteen resuplly goods for Somaliland army units in the east of the country have resurfaced in Geed-Dheer village which is located east of Widh-Widh town in Buhodle district
While the identity of the snatching is yet to be officially ascertained the presence of the two trucks in Buhodle points a finger to militia aligned to the Khatumo state of Somalia secession movement.