Somaliland: COMPAD Marks Human Rights Day, Decries Illegal Detention


As the local rights body demands release of detained elders and unbanning of three media houses.
Participants at the COMPAD hosted world human rights day commemorations in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- The continued detention of two clan elders is contrary to law and their unconditional release should be effected immediately
This demand was made by the Community Development and Human Rights Organization- COMPAD during a function the local rights body hosted in Hargeisa in commemoration of the World Human Rights Day.
Participants at the commemorations held at Dalhiis-Tourist, Hotel who included expatriates working in the human rights sector, Representatives from the three national political parties of Kulmiye, UCID and Wadani, Government officials and ordinary citizens were also addressed by a former citizen destined by the country’ military court.
Terming the continued detention of Ugas Abdirahman Diriye Jama aw Ibrahim and Elder Ali Salaat as illegal COMPAD chairman Ahmed Yusuf Hussein “Ahmed Huquuq” said the government should release them unconditionally since it can no longer justify their continued detention.
“After several appearances in Court, Ugas Abdirahman who is a clan leader has been found not guilty of any crime” said Ahmed Huquuq
Stating that the government acted illegally in arresting the Ugas on the flimsy excuse of his having defected from ruling to opposition party and in liue of subsequent innocence ruling by courts in Hargeisa, Ahmed Huquuq urged the state to swallow the bitter pill and effect immediate and unconditional release.
Ahmed Huquuq Chairman of COMPAD Somaliland addressing World Human Rights day commemoration in Hargeisa Referring to Elder Ali Salaat who has been in custody for three years since his Hengalool town Sanaag region the COMPAD head said the lengthily incarceration of the elder was a vagrant denial of his rights not only a a citizen of Somaliland but human being as well.
Appealing directly to the Somaliland head of state, President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for mercy on the Warsengeli Clan elder, Ahmed Huquuq informed that the family of Ali Salat is facing difficult times following the arrest for ransom of his son in Sudan.
The local human rights body which visited the deteriorating relations between the administration and fourth estate also demanded the unbanning of Hatuuf, Hubsad and Xog-Ogaal media houses that were proscribed by the government.

In conclusion the Community Developmemt and Human Rights Organization asked president Silanyo to instill some sense of human rights in senior figures of his administration thence initiate a semblance of peace rights to all in Somaliland.
Gracing the Dias of the function was Opposition party Berbera branch official Saado Jama who made history in the country after being the first civilian to be arraigned before a military court on charges of civil disobedience.
Opposition UCID party official Ms Saado Jama narrates her ordeal at the Somaliland armed forces court martial Thanking all those who were directly involved in her subsequent release as well all citizens of Somaliland for their support Ms Saado Jama urged the government to act as per constitutional dictates thence ensure that justice is applied legally and equally nationwide.
The three political parties representatives were also unanimous in the imperatives of the state ensuring that justice is applied rightfully and equally in the country.