Somaliland: Khatumo Secessionists Agree to Reconcile Peacefully


As army evicts secessionist’s militias from bases in Widwid town in Sool region

Bashe Mohamed Farah deputy sepaker of parliament says Khatumo leaderhip-inset- to hold talks with state

By: Yusuf M Hasan

WIDWID (Somalilandsun) – Regular skirmishes between the Somaliland army and militias aligned to the Khatumo secessionist movement in parts of Sool region are about to end.

This development comes after revelations that the Khatumo leadership has agreed to participate in talks geared towards peaceful reconciliation with the government and the overrunning of the secessionist’s last militia stronghold in Widwid by the national army.

The Somaliland army has taken over the last base belonging to militias aligned to the Khatumo secessionist movement in Widwid district of Sool region.

Army units from their bases in Sool region are currently occupying the last stronghold of the Khatumo militia wing in Widwid where hundreds of militias are reported to have surrendered.

The eviction of the militia from their last stronghold is a fulfilment of a pledge to dislodge them entirely from the eastern region made by Diriye Mohamed Ali Bunay who was in-charge of the Widwid operation.

In the recent past secessionist flush out operations undertaken by the army in Sool region where the Khatumo state was to be curved from, has seen a major dispersal within militia ranks thus the huge reductions in armed Skirmishes.

Khatumoist militias surrendered to the Somaliand army in WidwidIn the Sool regional capital of Las Anod the deputy speaker of parliament Bashe Mohamed Farah announced that the Khatumo secessionist leadership has finally agreed to peaceful reconciliation.

“Talks between the government and the secessionists shall commence immediately after the holy month of Ramadan “said the deputy speaker who is currently in Las Anod adding that thanks to the grace of Allah the secessionist have finally realized that equitable power distribution cannot be achieved through the barrel of a gun.

The possibility of the much desired talks are made more possible by the imminent visit on a social call to Buhodle of the Khatumo secessionist leader Prof Ali Khalif Galayd who is an American citizen serving as MP in the Somalia parliament in Mogadishu.