Somaliland: Irate Youths Disrupt Meeting Between Elders and Sanaag Governor


Police rescued Sanaag Governor Ahmed Abdi Jama inset from irate youths in Erigavo

By: Yusuf M Hasan
ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – A meeting between Sanaag regional officials and clan elders in Erigavo ended in disarray after the regional administrators escape stone throwing youths.
The meeting called to conclude clan acrimonious emanating from the brutal killing of a military officer in the eastern Somaliland town saw heavily armed police whisk to safety the regional governor Ahmed Abdi Jama and regional police boss were stoned out of the meeting by an angry and rowdy group of youths.
According to reports the meeting called by the regional administrators was intent on cooling simmering tempers from clansmen of late Colonel Saeed Abdi Warsame who died after an army officer under his command shot him twice at café in Erigavo town on 15th June 2015.
Since the slaying of Col Saeed who was the commander of the Somaliland army Red Berets Battalion based in Erigavo tensions within his Ogeyslabe clan have been high with elders urging for traditional methods of settling such while youths agitate for an eye for an eye thence their disruption of their elders meeting with regional administrator’s .
While Sanaag region has had its share of internal armed forces killings, the slaying of Colonel Saeed Abdi Warsame remains an enigma following the refusal of the deceased youthful clansmen to accept blood-money not to mention the venom directed at health facilities in the Region by Defence minister Ahmed Haji Ali Adami as acknowledged the killing adding that poor medical facilites were also to blame.