Somaliland: Khatumo Secessionist Bow to Peace, Sign A milestone and Everlasting Peaceful Solidarity Accord at Last


As the President signs a historic and everlasting accord that signal the beckoning of a new era in national cohesion
Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and Khatumo secession leader Prof Ali Khali Galayd exchange peace accords

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun- The long awaited agreement that was to pave way for a lasting peaceful existence in the country that fortifies national cohesion and solidarity that reiterated the national integrity is here at last.
Following President Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud’s pledge to solidify national cohesion in the country upon taking the reins of leadership has now come to pass within his tenure.
The Head of State signed a historic agreement with the Khatumo movement that brings to a halt all internal grievances, animosities or subversive actions against the state.
The accord brings to fold the last gesture of disgruntled individual to rally around and support the national integrity and republic of Somaliland.
It thus calls for a review of constitution that would for the first time formally regulate the distribution of the national cake on an equal footing across the geo-political demography within the country.
In an equally historic speech that the president delivered at the function held last night (Friday), he hailed Prof. Ali Khalif Galayd for being a pragmatic and astute leader who went for the best maximum results that carried the day in his quest for justice.
The President noted that the talks which culminated in the Aynabo official accord signed by the duo had been on for the past two years and that they were quite happy to see it through.
“The accord today culminates in two-year long talks held in phases that happened in different countries like Djibouti, UAE, Ethiopia and within the country”, said the President.
He cited the Adi-adeye and Awr-bogeys talks that had the state parley Mohammud Bari, Hinjiile and Abdirahman Harti communities. He similarlypraised traditional and contemporary leaders who took part in all the efforts that brought to a close the matters that were in contention.
The President said that he was elated that the accord has healed all wounds that hitherto afflicted any disgruntlements.
Notably, he said that the incoming President will be expected to implement the objectives outlined in the accord reached at the Awr-bogeys talks.
He likewise reveald that his successor would facilitate a major upcoming grand meeting that would draw together the Sool, east Sanaag, Haysimo and Buuhodle larger community.
H.E. Silanyo made it clear that it was through unity, solidarity and peaceful coexistence that would bring cohesion and long lasting progressive development in the nation.
He also appealed to the incoming president to put forth and prioritize the development projects of the said areas.
He said that it was justice that can bring about a harmonious setting within and amongst a people.
He supported the reviewing of the country’s constitutions to cater for quota regulations and equal distribution of resources in the country.
He prayed to God bring good tidings to the people and the land of Somaliland. In related news he presided over a graduation ceremony at Golis University, Burao campus.
The President pointed out that the varsity under the stewardship of professors S.D. Abdi and A.M Abdillahi has made big strides during the short time of its establishment.
He appreciated the fact that education standards have gone up in Togdeer region hence has been reflected in the recent years’ results of the primary and secondary school examinations.
He advised the education fraternity to veer away from vices that could
stunt the system.
Lastly he appealed to the nation to keep peaceful order during the presidential campaigns which is now in process.