Somaliland: Khatumo Militia Embrace Reconciliation Accords, Warn Somalia Funded Malcontents


As they ban anti peace Politicians Fronted by Somalia and Puntland entry to Sool region
Khatumo militia back Prof Galayd reconciliation deal with Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Politicians owing allegiance to both the Somalia federal government and its regional administration of Puntland shall no longer be allowed into Buhoodle town.
This was announced by the commander of the Khatumo militia Mahad Ali Qalaad during a briefing to members of public in Buhoodle where it was also revealed that the recent Khatumo reconciliation agreement entered with the government of Somaliland shall be implemented fully.
Commander Qalaad and other top Khatumo militia officers were briefing the public on outcome of their meeting in Widhwidh town with top secession movement leaders among them Prof Ali Khalif Galayd in which the reconciliation accords were detailed unto the militia.
The peaceful reconciliation process between Khatumo and Somaliland initiated in Addis Ababa Ethiopia earlier in the year and subsequent phases hosted by Djibouti culminated on the 17th June 2017 in Hargeisa where a five point agreement was jointly signed by the Head of Somaliland negotiating team Dr Saad Ali, foreign minister and Head of Khatumo negotiating team Mahmud Sheikh Omar Hassan, speaker Khatumo parliament

The post signing statement which stated that the agreement was signed without any coercion indicated the accords as
1.To jointly pursue final conclusion and subsequent implementation of peaceful reconciliation
2. Establish equality for all in the eyes of law in Somaliland based on Good governance and human rights that accede to Islamic tenets thus ensure that one clan is not perceived as guest to the other
3. Revise the constitution in order to facilitate legal stipulations for a quota system that avails all stakeholders’ access to political, judiciary and government representation as well public services at all levels in the country
4. Devolution of government from national, regional to district levels that fully empowers the various levels with a decentralized management and subsequent services provision and
5. For the next meeting to be held in Burao town on 10th July to finalize the Khatumo reconciliation and establish guidelines for and convene an all inclusive conference with participation by all stakeholders in the country
Read final Somaliland Khatumo reconciliation Accords
In his briefing Commander Qalaad who was flanked by top officers of his militia aligned to the Khatumo state of Somalia secession movement said “after briefing by our political leader Prof Ali Khalif Galayd as pertains the finer points of the reconciliation accords with Somaliland we are satisfied thus fully supportive”
Having publicly informed that the armed wing of Khatumo fully accepts thence support the reconciliation agreement with Somaliland, commander Qalaad who Stressed on commitment towards ensuring implementation did no mince words as he warned malcontents.
Said he, “As from today henceforth anti-Somaliland activities both covert and overt are illegal and anybody caught in such shall be dealt with accordingly”
Stressing that it was incumbent upon all supporters of the Khatumo state of Somalia secession movement to give peace and subsequent integration with Somaliland a chance the militia command also banned all politicians aligned with Somalia or Puntland from entering any of the areas controlled by his militia.
To this effect said commander Qalaad the Buhodle airport is a no landing area for politicians opposed to the Khatumo and Somaliland reconciliation adding that militias under his command shall do all necessary to ensure that anti peace people funded by Mogadishu and Garowe do not have an audience anywhere in Somaliland to propagate their venom.