Somaliland: Fire Brigade Investigation Terms Berbera Port Fires Incidental


AS errant shipping agent is fined after being found guilty of procedural negligence that resulted in containers burning
Somaliland fire brigade commander Colonel Sawahili led the Berbers port fires investigation investigation

By; Guleid Abdi Mahir
Somalilandsun- The fire department has removed the lid on an investigation it was conducting to ascertain the cause of a fire that recently engulf Berbera port and consumed two containers. The fire brigade confirmed that the fire was as result of high temperatures scorching the seaside town.

Speaking to the press at Berbera the commander of the fire Brigade Col. Ahmed Mohamud Mohammed Hassan (Sawahili) revealed that there was no cause of alarm pertaining the port security as the fire was not caused by arsonists as earlier feared. The colonel also delivered a new fire engine to the port authorities to deal with future fires.
Mr. Sawahili said that the fire was contained and only two containers were lost as a result. The Brigade boss went on to reveal that the containers that were burnt had chemical consignment.
“I would like to inform Somalilanders that there is no cause of alarm. The containers were on transit and precaution had been put in place so they were not mixed with other items. They were to leave the port destined to a neighbouring country.
We have people spreading lies about the safety of the port they should not be listened”, Mr. Sawahili stated.
In the meantime reports indicate that Berbera port operator DP World has imposed a fine of $145,000 on shipping agent Mohamed Hasan Qalib as compensation for damage to port facilities resulting from a fire that consumed two containers under charge of the agent.
According to procedures all containers offloaded from ships and stored at the main Somaliland port pending outward dispatch must be covered with tarpaulins thence deter fires occasioned by heavy heat usually prevalent at the port city of Berbera.
The two containers that caught fire and created damage to port facilities are reported to have not been covered with tarpaulins thence the hefty fine which the agent has to pay before removal from port compound of any imported goods under his charge
The fire brigade report emits a sigh of relief within the populace worried by the occurrence of two almost simultaneous fires at the country’s main port, hitherto unheard of.

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