Somaliland: “Justice in Sanaag Region Courts is Non-existent”-Councilor JJ


By: Yusuf M Hasancouncillor jj points accusing finger at courts

ERIGAVO (Somalilandsun) – Court officials have been accused of offering citizens a raw deal judicially unless they cough and part with some cash.

This accusation was made by Erigavo local council member councilor-Cllr Jama Jibril Jama during the closing session of a leaders workshop funded by the Finnish Church Aid-FCA in Erigavo where he also praised area police commander for establishing a semblance of law and order.

“the worst dept at the courts is the office of the regional attorney General where both complainants and accused are enticed into paying bribes purportedly for cases to be determined in their favour” Said Cllr JJ

According to our regional reporter Mohamed Yousof Bakayle Cllr JJ claimed the Attorney General office is staff by incompetent and aged officers some of whom have difficulties writing or reading their own names.

The alegedly corrupt Sanaag Regional Court in ErigavoAppealing to the central government in Hargeisa for a speedy remedy to the injustices being perpetrated against residents by judicial officers paid to ensure justice, Cllr JJ wondered why the many graduates from local universities now unemployed are not given the opportunity to serve their country and people instead of current reliance on self-seeking and semi-literate aged people.

Cllr JJ, who attributed the improving security situation in Sanaag to Colonel Ga’amayare the Regional police commander, said the commander has managed to instill discipline in the police force thus the current professional policing that has ensued with law and order.

Said he, “It appears as if there never was a regional police commander in Sanaag region before Col Ga’amayare and fears are that there never will be one if, Allah forbid, he is transferred or removed”

Informing that prior to Col Ga’amayare police officers were known to be the main villains whenever criminal cases theft and rape were the order of the day in the region, Cllr JJ said the force has taken a new direction for the better.

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Mohamed Yousof Bakayle