Somaliland: Hargeisa Municipality Starts Construction of City Ring Road


By: Mo Ali/ MedeshiHargeisa municipality at work

Somalilandsun – The municipality of Hargeisa has started the construction of a ring road that will circle the city from all sides , acording to medeshi reports .

The road is planned to reduce the traffic within the the city and to accommodate the heavy trucks that carry goods to the Western parts of Somaliland and the cargo trucks carrying commodities that are imported by Ethiopians through Berbera Port . All heavy trucks from Berbera to Ethiopia will go around the city and will not pass the centre of the city when the ring road is finished. Another dangerous transport that will not pass through the city are the trucks carrying Khat from Ethiopia to the eastern parts of Somaliland . Khat trucks often go fast even when going through Hargeisa and have on many occasions caused fatalities among the residents and the urban animals in the capital.

This project is part of the development of the infrastructure of the capital and the beautification of Hargeisa city launched by the new management of the local government.

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